Graphic Novel
Hardcover, full-color. 48 pages. 

Pizza Tree 

Friday night means pizza night for the Poulton family. However, when Chase plants a slice of pepperoni in the backyard, every night becomes pizza night after a mysterious tree appears.The Poultons soon learn free pizza comes with a price. For those with a taste for horror, sink your teeth into the Pizza Tree!

Arcana Studio Presents an Artistcomics Release:
Pizza Tree - First printing. © 2017 Chase Poulton, Mark Poulton, and Ryan Onorato

Graphic Novel Softcover, B&W, 138 pages.

Graphic Novel
Softcover, B&W, 138 pages.

Below The Approach Lights 

A group of friends’ night out takes a horrific turn when Joe falls to an untimely death. Acting out of sheer panic, the others decide to hide his body deep within the hidden corridors of an abandoned mansion at the edge of town. Joe's death is ruled a suicide by local authorities when they find his baseball hat along the riverbank.

Jay Walker, your “typical suburban guy, from your typical suburban town — where not a damn thing has ever happened” believes that there is more to the story. Chasing a love interest, Jay reluctantly decides to go to a party at the old mansion, and as the party winds down, a suspicious door in the corner of the room catches his eye…